No waiting in lines for your holiday HoneyBaked Ham!  Order ham, turkey, dessert and other delicious items from HoneyBaked Ham to make the holidays easy for Mom!  Best of all you can order by e-mail and quickly come and pick up your ham right here in Chesterland.  We promise you that there will be no long lines and no standing in the cold!  Order your hams by December 17th by contacting Troy Kucera.  Pick up will be on Monday, December 22nd from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. at 12662 West Geauga Plaza at our decorating site located in the old ceramic studio.  Click here for order form Ham Flier.  For more details or to order your ham contact Troy Kucera at TroyEKucera@aol.com or by phone at (440) 748-2714.

Poinsettia-ColourPoinsettias will arrive in Chesterland just in time for the holidays.  After Prom is selling 6″ red poinsettia plants for $15.00 and 8″ plants for $25.00.  You can order your beautiful plants by sending an e-mail to WGAfterProm@yahoo.com, by Wednesday, December 3rd.  Plants can be picked up at the West Geauga High School, near the cafeteria on Saturday, December 6th from 9:00 to noon.


Support Local Restaurants!

Bada Bing gift certificates make great stocking stuffers and are available for sale from the Fundraising After Prom Committee. Each gift certificate is $25.00. For each certificate sold – a portion comes back to After Prom.
Cash or checks made out to After Prom. Contact Marsha Marin at WGAfterProm@yahoo.com to purchase your gift certificate in time for the holidays!

If you love garage sales and rummage sales then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! The After Prom flea market is one of our community traditions and an exciting fundraising event.  We are still looking for a chairperson to take this committee position and help us create a successful event.  The flea market will be held on March 15th, during one of the Kiwanis pancake breakfast weekends.  Round up your friends, who can help with the vendor area, bake sale, basket raffle, and help us plan for a weekend of deals!  If you are interested or know someone who might be, contact Tamara Brininger at TamaraBrin@gmail.com

After discussing multiple theme ideas, the After Prom committee voted that the theme for the Class of 2015 will be “It’s Time for Me to Fly”.  As our students are now getting ready to leave the nest and take flight to see the world, it was an appropriate theme.  We wanted to emphasis that the world is at the student’s feet, and that there are many pathways to take.  More details will be discussed and finalize when our decorating committee starts planning the details of how to make “It’s Time for Me To Fly” and amazing After Prom event for our students and their guests.


Our next After Prom meeting is Monday, November 17, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the West Geauga High School library.

This year’s theme is “It’s Time for me to Fly” will be a main topic of discussion. Topics will  also include continuing fundraising ideas, decorating topics, logo development and committee chair reports.

If you have a passion for garage sales and repurposing, consider being the chair for our annual flea market. This is our biggest fundraising event and an exciting part of our After Prom tradition.  We can help you build a committee that includes volunteers for basket raffle, bake sale, vendor and flea market sales.  We would love to have you be a part of our After Prom team!  Contact Tamara Brininger at TamaraBrin@gmail.com for more details.

To get the creativity and ideas flowing, here is a list of past After Prom themes.   The atmosphere and decorations that transform the high school gym into a memorable night are a small piece of the vision of After Prom.  What will the theme be for the Class of 2015?  Come to the meeting on the night of September 29th to share in the discussions and presentations.


1985               West G Goes Western

1986               Circus Circus (Las Vegas Style)

1987               Fun in the Sun

1988               An Evening in Paris

1989               An Arabian Night

1990               South of the Boarder

1991               Sayonara Seniors

1992               Back to the Future

1993               Under the Sea in 93’

1994               You, the Night and the Magic

1995               Wild, Wild West G

1996               Wahoo, We’re Through (Jacobs Field)

1997               Wizard of Oz

1998               The Greatest After Prom on Earth

1999               Medieval Magic

2000               Cruise into the Millennium

2001               Midnight at the Circus

2002               Rumble in the Jungle

2003               Hooray for Hollywood

2004               A Night on the Boardwalk (Nancy Chapick, Chair)

2005               Viva Las Vegas

2006               Fiesta

2007               Rock and Roll (Nancy Chapick, Chair)

2008               Backlot Tour (Michelle Farmer, Chair)

2009               West G Opoly (Terry & Steve Javorek, Chairs)

2010               Around the World in 2010 (Anita Zurcher, Chair)

2011               Summer Days\Winter Nights (Nancy Chapick, Chair)

2012               VIP Backstage Pass (Tamara Brininger, Chair)

2013               New York, New York (Anita Zurcher, Chair)

2014               Cosmic Class of 2014 (Phil Friedel, Chair)(Off Site at Solon Freeway Lanes)

2015               ?????

Our 50\50 raffle was very successful this past Friday at our first home game of the season.  Patti Mercuri is the chair of the 50\50 raffle committee and she is looking for 6-8 people to volunteer at the home football games to assist with the raffle.  This is one of our largest fundraisers and if successful will get us off to a fantastic start to the year.  You only have to volunteer for the first half of the game and then you can enjoy the second half to cheer on our Wolverines. If you can volunteer for one or several games, please contact Patti directly at pmerc17@gmail.com.  Thank you in advance for your help!
Other fundraising notes:  Marsha Marin is our Fundraising Chair.  If you have any ideas for fundraising, please feel free to contact Marsha (marsha.marin@onx.com) or Tamara (TamaraBrin@gmail.com).
Ann Allegretti is our Candy Sale Chair and has already started distributing boxes of  Malley’s candy bars.  If you are interested in taking a box of candy to the office to sell, know a business that can help promote this sale or have other ideas to share Malley’s chocolate, please contact her at razem@earthlink.net.


Thank you to those who were able to attend the After Prom meeting on August 25, 2014!

We voted to keep After Prom at the high school this school year instead of taking it off site to Solon Freeway Lanes as was done for the Class of 2014. It was Unanimous that the students expressed their desire to have it at the high school.

Cathy Rugg is our Secretary. At the time of the meeting we still needed a treasure, but that position has now also been filed. Liz Judson will be our Treasure.

Committee chairs for the following were made at the meeting or since been filled:
Fundraising: Marsha Marin
Candy Sales: Ann Allegretti (she is picking up candy next week)
50\50 Raffle: Patti Mecuri (need volunteers to work at the football games)
Tickets: Julie Mazzurco
Publicity: Julie Mazzurco
Tuxedo: Paul & Colleen Alioto (Maybe)
Casio: Matt & Cathy White
Senior Gifts: Denise & Michael Bozik

Our next meeting is September 29th at 7:00. The topic at our next meeting will be the presentation of theme topics. I will post a list of past themes to get your creative juices flowing. Areas that are part of the decorating theme are: outside and inside entrances, food, midway, prizes, casino, movie area or lounge and bathrooms.

Our new website www.WGAfterProm.com is started and is in the building phase. We will be using that for current events, meetings and fundraising efforts.

The website is WGAfterProm.com.
E-mail is WGAfterProm@yahoo.com (which Tamara will start monitoring)

Volunteer Job Posting: Looking for enthusiastic parents (moms and dads) to help create an exciting and memorable After Prom event like West Geauga has never seen!

We will have an After Prom organization meeting on Monday, August 25th at 7:00 at the high school library. We will need a treasurer and a secretary to get us started.

I would love to start filling the committee chairs for:
50\50 Lottery;
Flea Market;
Senior Show;
Business Donations;
Parent Donations;

The focus of this first meeting will be to get some of the key positions filled, especially someone to chair as well as volunteers for the 50\50 raffle tickets that are sold at the home football games, and to begin discussion about whether or not we wish to have After Prom at the school or off site. Either way we need to start fundraising efforts and the sooner we start the better off we will be in the end.

Please share this e-mail with other senior parents and bring a friend with you to the meeting.

I haven’t forgotten about the barn and hoping to send more news about a clean up day very soon!