Help us empty the After Prom barn!!

Hello After Prom Parents Past and Future, the After Prom committee needs your help!

After Prom has¬†benefitted from a local family who have given their property as a place to store and manage materials for about 10 years. They are the McGinty’s and they have let us use their barn as a storage site without cost. These wonderful people have decided to downsize and sell their property. We wish them well but it leaves us with the task of emptying the barn.

I have been in conversations with WG administration trying to figure out a new place to put the VERY LARGE quantity of materials in the barn. But unfortunately time, space, and money are not on our side.

The McGinty’s would like the barn emptied by the end of summer. The After Prom leadership from last year has been discussing options for the materials. Unfortunately, storage sites are very expensive and very limited in size. Building a structure would take land which we don’t own and money. At this point the school district is not willing to let a parent group build on the school campus.

I have placed a Want Ad in the Chesterland news for July 14 and 27 asking for anyone to donate storage space whether it is another barn or shed or garage. We don’t have money to pay rent but maybe someone will help like the McGinty’s did years ago. Even if someone steps forward that does not mean they will be able to provide a space large enough to hold the huge quantity and size of the materials currently in the barn.

So this leaves us with few options. The plan as of now is to rent a large dumpster and empty the barn using student and parent volunteers. This would probably take place the week of July 18 –¬†July 24 (not definite yet). The dumpster would be dropped off and then taken away once it is filled. The more people helping the faster it fills up.

For some of you this may seem extreme to throw out materials. I want to restate that we truly have been trying to locate a place for these things since we started working on After Prom last September. We are running out of options and time.

If you have any ideas concerning a new home for the After Prom materials, please let me know ASAP.

I will keep you up to date as far as a clean up goes. If you have any questions please email me.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Christine Czikray