Junior Class Volunteers Wanted


The night of After Prom is a great way for the junior class parents to begin the transition and plans for the Class of 2016’s After Prom.  During the evening of Friday, May 15th, After Prom is looking for a few junior parents to stay at the high school to secure the event site while senior parents go home to taken photographs and send off their seniors to Prom.  We are also looking for junior class parents to assist with clean up on Saturday, May 16th.  Senior class parents will be a little blurry eyed after three days of set up and the event on Friday night from midnight to 3:00 a.m.  E-mail Tamara at WGAfterProm@yahoo.com if you can help.

As the Class of 2015 counts down the days to Prom, After Prom and graduation, it isn’t too soon for the Junior class parents to begin preparation for After Prom for the Class of 2016.  Now is the time to begin talking about committee chairs and finding a Chairperson, visit After Prom community open house planned at West Geauga for Friday evening, May 15th as well as at near by schools.