December Meeting Summary

The following is a summary of the meeting from December 2014.  Fundraising was a focus of the meeting.


Fundraising (Marsha Marin) – Several fundraising ideas that were allocated in the budget, have not developed or not been profitable. Plans for a reverse raffle in mid-February have not been able to be finalized.  Discussed additional fundraising ideas at length. This included:

  • Road rally or photo scavenger hunt;
  • Car raffle;
  • TV Raffle at pancake breakfast in March;
  • Wine night at Colonial Beverage or Aurora;
  • Limo Raffle;
  • Restaurant week or month;
  • Prom Fashion show;
  • Football squares;
  • Poinsetta plant was not profitable;
  • HoneyBaked ham sale was held for the Christmas holiday.

Settled on moving full speed ahead on coordinating a wine tasting around Valentines Day. Marsha will reach out to venues and start to coordinate.  Marsha is looking for volunteers to assist with fundraising events. 

Parent Donation (Robin Leuchtag not present): letter were mailed to all parents.

 Business Donation (Maria Federico not present): business donation letters have been mailed to local business and colleges.

Decorating (Wayne Burwell): We have decorating site. Floor is prepped. Would like to start collecting cardboard. Need dads to help move things from the barn right after the holidays. Plan to make sets in stages. Will also need an electrician. Tamara confirmed with Andi Jahnke that her art students would love to help with After Prom.

Midway (Terri Lyles): The committee met last week and is planning to meet again next week. They are meeting with the decorating committee immediately after this meeting. They will have suggestions by the next meeting.

Prizes (Joan Bonfich):  Some prizes have been purchased, but is being conservative on spending.

Food (Meg Clark):  Is planning on setting up concessions at Girls Basketball games and possibly gymnastics.

No reports from other committees.

Discussion had again regarding the time of After Prom. Revisited discussion at the end of last month’s meeting. Since prom ends at midnight and the students have been staying the last couple of years to the end. Voted to have After Prom from midnight to 3:00 a.m.