The McGinty family has finally put their home up for sale.  For at least 10 years, their barn has been home to years of materials used by the After Prom committees. 
This past fall we were very fortunate to have two families volunteer to remove the majority of the large materials from the barn.  The only remaining items are small items that are reused each year.  We need to remove the remaining items from the location on Pekin Road and move it to the new smaller location on Sherman Road.
We are asking anyone who has a pickup truck, mini van, or even a car to help make one or two trips from the old barn to the new one.  Over the next few weeks when its nice out, simply go to the Pekin barn load up your vehicle and go to the Sherman barn. If many of us do this, the barn should be emptied very quickly.
I know many of you are saying “why do I have to do this?” Well it’s not fair to the McGinty’s who have been so generous to us to have to deal with our mess.  We can do the right thing and help out for an hour or two.
Please consider helping! The McGinty’s live at 9399 Pekin Road.  We can access the barn anytime.  The barn at 9744 Sherman is owned by Irene McMullen 440-796-6825.  Make sure to call Irene so she knows you are coming.
I hope you will consider helping with this task.
Christine Czikray (After Prom ’16 Chairperson)

Watch for your invite in the mail and purchase your tickets the week of April 5th-8th! On sale at the HS during lunch periods and on Saturday at the Spirit Shop.