We had a great meeting on September 12th! For those who could not make it, we made some great progress and filled some open positions.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, October 10th at 6:30 pm at Geauga West Public Library.

Please come with theme ideas!

The 2017 After Prom Co-Chairs are Rosi Jamison & Maggie Green.
* Flea Market – Donna Walkuski, Michaela Harbert & Harriet Sugar
* Malley’s Candy Fundraiser – Donna Walkuski
* Fashion Show – Darlene Engoglia, Elana Dolciato & Stacy Heatwole
* Parent Donations – Elana Dolciato
* Business Donations – Lana Musser
* T-Shirt & Senior Gifts – Darlene Engoglia
* Food – Donna Spies & Lena Barber

Positions Still Available:

* Secretary (generate and maintain committee meeting minutes, track meeting tasks, email updates to the group)
* Treasurer (track all incoming and outgoing monies, works to create and maintain budget compliance, issues checks, prepares account spreadsheet and final financial report)
* Decorating (based on theme (TBD) create decorations for event)
* Entertainment (secure caricature artist, DJ, photo booth, any other decided upon entertainment)
* Prizes (research and purchase all prizes for the event based on several categories and price points. Purchase all large raffle prizes.
* Casino (plan, coordinate the borrowing of casino tables from St. Anselm, ensures all casino games are staffed with dealers)
* Tickets (design, print ticket for the event, ensuring theme and or logo is incorporated)
* Publicity (promote/announce event in local newspapers and multiple social media platforms)
* Tuxedo (negotiate tuxedo rentals with company, coordinate orders and distribution of tuxedos and collection of tuxedos)
* Senior Show (coordinate senior talent show to include try outs, balance of acts, lighting, sound, video taping)

If you see anything you could assist with or have any questions about any of the above, please let us know at dengoglia@gmail.com

We need MANY MORE volunteers to make this a success.