Attention ALL Junior Parents!! Believe it or not, it is now your turn to plan the After Prom for the Class of 2017!!

We will be holding an informational meeting for ALL Junior Parents who might be interested in working on next year’s After Prom.  There are some imperative issues that MUST be decided BEFORE the end of this school year.

You will NOT be asked to sign up for any committees or jobs at this meeting.  We simply need to inform you of matters that must be handled immediately.  Please try to attend the meeting on:

May 24th

At 7:00pm

In the WG High School Library

  • Students should arrive at Play Arcade + Kitchen (5900 MAYFIELD ROAD, MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH) at or near 12:00 am when doors open.
    Directions from Prom (Landerhaven) to Play: Directions from Prom (Landerhaven) to Play:
  • Check in begins at 11:30 pm
  • No one will admitted after 12:45 am
  • Parents will be called if senior purchased a ticket and has not arrived by 1:00 am
  • After Prom reserves the right to breathalyse any student.
  • Evening will be chaperoned by senior parents and police security will also be in attendance.
  • There will be a secure area to change and leave belongings.
  • The event ends at 3:00 am. No one will be permitted to leave prior to that time unless there is an emergency. Students will NOT be permitted to re-enter after leaving.
  • Upon arrival, Seniors will exchange their ticket for a game card that can be used to obtain their Senior t-shirt, Senior gifts and prizes.
  • All attendees receive a t-shirt, but only Seniors can exchange their card for gifts and prizes.
  • Participation in games and activities will be rewarded with points on their card.
  • The more activities the seniors participate in, the more chances they have to win prizes.
  • There will also be a senior raffle for large prizes at the end of the evening near 2:30 am. Seniors must be present to win.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Christine Czikray ( / 440-729-0374)