Any senior parent interested in taking over After Prom, there will be a meeting on Monday August 20th at 6:30PM at Geauga West Cafeteria.


Our next meeting is tonight Friday 4/13 from 6:30PM- 8:00PM at the HIGH SCHOOL Library.  Hope to see you there.

PLAY GIVES BACK is from 4PM-10PM Tonight!  We get 20% of all sales.  Please consider going in for a bite, even to-go orders count towards After Prom.  Come Play and support!


Congratulations to our winners of the Basket Raffle at the 21st Annual Indoor Flea Market and Craft Sale!

  1. Take Me out to the Ball Game – Valerie O’Donnell
  2. Gourmet Goodness w/Coffee and Tea – Judy Wiggins
  3. Car Wash and Gas Card – Mitchell Hodgins
  4. Pamper Me – Lisa Cavasinni
  5. Hole in One – Kathy Puhalsky
  6. Spring Cleaning – Mary Moriarity
  7. Spirit Shop – Robin McBride
  8. Lottery Tree – Edna Murfella
  9. Bubble Bath Tub – Annette Moon
  10. Game Night on the Town – Mastroianni Family
  11. Landscaping Design and Birds Galore – Mary DelValle
  12. Day of Fun – Lisa Cavasinni
  13. Money Tree – Laurie Lee
  14. Ohio State Basket – Caitlin Speyer
  15. Coffee Connoisseur – Sally Contizano
  16. Birthday Bag – Kim P.
  17. Take Me out to the Movies – P. Soeder
  18. Make Me Feel Beautiful – Caitlin Speyer
  19. After Prom – It’s Barbeque Time – Irene Graber
  20. Anew Beauty Cream and Make-up – Kathy Andru-Sporcic
  21. Bucket of Tools – Edna Murfella
  22. Small Bucket of Tools – Brooks
  23. Large Basket of Tools – Michelle N

Our next meeting is Saturday, February 17th from 9:30-10:30 at the Geauga West Library. Please spread the word so that we have a great turn-out.

We need a lot of help on all committees!  Please join in!